Create a Raiding Team

Questions to Ask When Creating and Scheduling Your Own Raiding Team

When creating and scheduling your own raiding team, it is important to gather as much information as possible from your users to ensure the success of the team. Below are some important questions you should ask your users when filling out a form to create and schedule their own raiding team.

1. What time(s) work best for you?

Ask your users what times and days work best for them to schedule raids. This will help you find a time that works for everyone and ensure maximum participation.

2. What are your specific needs?

Ask your users what their specific needs are for the raiding team. This could include what roles they prefer to play, what classes they are proficient in, and what gear they currently have. This information will be helpful in creating a well-balanced team.

3. What level of commitment can you give to the team?

Ask your users what level of commitment they can give to the team. This could include how often they can participate in raids, how long they plan to be a part of the team, and if they are willing to lead or assist in organizing raids.

4. How do you prefer to communicate with the team?

Ask your users how they prefer to communicate with the team. This could include email, text message, or a messaging app like Discord. This information will help you choose the best communication platform for the team.

5. Do you have any suggestions or feedback for the team?

Finally, ask your users if they have any suggestions or feedback for the team. This will help you improve the team and make it a more enjoyable experience for everyone.

By asking these questions, you can create a well-informed and organized raiding team that can tackle any challenge that comes their way. Good luck!